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This is embarrassingly Kath's 100th time of creating a blog. Yup. She struggled too many times, and it's all because she haven't found herself then.
However, this hundreth one is different - she's at the next chapter of her anxiety-driven life and has accepted that finding who you are indeed takes time: which is why, she wants you to join her in completing the pieces on her puzzle board.

So what does she have to offer?

She's afraid of defining what she will be sharing. Nothing is definite, and she herself, is very sure that the contents of this package may vary. But she wants to reassure you of one thing: art, in all its forms, will be heavily induced here. :) 

This space is created as a home for all things that she love, create with her hands (oooooh), her paint brushes, her laptop, her heart, and her soul. 

(She also created this space just to have a cooler place where she can spend time procrastinating)

Whenever she posts something, please do remind her to focus on her thesis because she will post here amidst all deadlines, exams, and life-threatening paperwork.

Also, remind her to stop talking in third-person.

Wish her luck on her battle against laziness and sleeping.