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I've been in deep hibernation from this space because of University, as always. I've put off creating illustrations and graphics for several months because I was at a quest to discover my own style - and here I am, still unsuccessful in this journey of creating whilst sharing with you my current favorites for the past few months.

That was a very long sentence, I'm sorry, my dear English professors. Anywaysss, let's first start with my favorite Homo sapiens ^_^

Annabelle is a RISD student and I am in love with how she edits her vlogs + her artistic genius self. This creature screams creativity // Check out her channel

Conan is a senior high school student (and will be graduating soon) and that infuriates me with a jealous rage because again, this human being is #blessedt with #artistic skills + his art and music leaves puts me in trans // Check out his channel

Natalie's blog is what inspired me to be active in this space of mine + I landed on her website by accident and I couldn't thank the gods more for the serendipity // Check out her website

He's more commonly known as AC and my friends and I are ADDICTED to his vlogs + he's very relatable, very funny, and since he is a film student, his editing skills are MAD // Check out his channel

Nadine's videos are edited so nicely wherein I think the videos itself are more beautiful than me and this world // Check out her channel

I have other favorite illustrators who also happened to be human beings (heh) but they are too many to include in this post, so I figured out that I'd just create a separate post for them humans.

Okay so enough living things, let's go to the ones which do not require air to breathe:

I know this is getting long which is why we are now down to my last category - PC GAMES ♥ I just love the adrenaline rush that flows into my existence whenever I play games. I am a huge fan of the action-packed mystery genre. Right now I'm playing Watch Dogs and Life is Strange and I'll let you know whether or not those games will leave a mark on me.

All four of them are available on Steam - well, I'm not really sure for Papers Please since I uhm, kinda got a hold of it in the not so nice way *iykwim*.

Well that's my current favorites! I would love knowing what yours are so don't fret and just comment what you've been addicted to so that I could lay my fangs on them as well. :)

Till next time,