9:02 PM

Thank you, January:
for starting it right-
for reminding me that I’m not alone in the dark abyss of endless nights;
for helping me conquer every rage
I feel inside;
for helping me conquer every rage
I can’t control from time to time.

Thank you, January:
for showing me that-
the love of family is as wide and expansive as the whole universe;
and that I can never let them down
for they always push me up;
they always replace the used bulbs of my dark-lit soul.

Thank you, January:
for reminding me that-
there’s always a way to tread the path
of your passions, ambitions, dreams, unprecedented thoughts;
and I know it won’t be easy taking that road.
But thank you for reminding me that I am more than a being in a crowded place,
that I am more than a speck of dust occupying space;
that I am more than my dreams and my age, and as a youth, I could definitely create change.

Thank you, January:
for letting me live-
this life I have now, there is so much to give.
Your days have passed but you’ll always be remembered.
The hours you offered changed the course of one’s winter,
of one’s December.
From white to ember, and ember to white:
life will continue on as February drops by.

Thank you, January. Thank you.


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