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2017 #GOALS?

We’re already a couple of the days past New Year; and even though it still feels quite the same (the world is spinning around, still with its vicious issues) this early moments of January give us the opportunity to start anew mentally, physically, emotionally, and all the words with “-lly”

With that, there has been a multitude of blog posts and vlogs which focus on people’s New Year’s Resolutions. Embarrassing enough, I've always had resolutions during the start of the year but they always circle the drain in my brain; and come February, I won't even remember a single resolution.

Last week I’ve read an article saying that one shouldn’t focus on what their goals are. Instead, one should focus on their system which affects the outcome of an unknown or a specific goal in your life. Your system is your practice, or the steps you take towards your “goal.” For example, acing your exam is your goal; whereas, reviewing every after class, doing revisions, and prioritizing your study nights is your system.

After giving the article a read – I had an intervention.

I’ve always set goals and I always fail to achieve them. Why? Because I always relied on miracles. The goal won’t achieve itself. The things that I do within the 24 hours of my everyday life will bring me to that goal.

Hence, 2017 is a year of systems. And if you may, I baptize this blog with a list of systems which I hope to improve J

Les Miserable Reading Habits: Before I entered my university in 2012, I’ve read novels every single day which made me finish two to three books a week. Whilst in college, finishing a book a week was a miracle. It was difficult to juggle academic life with leisure reading, since the former always outweighs every damn thing in this world. However, I am graduating this semester which means I have more free time to read for leisure! I only have seven units left this term and I am pretty sure I can finish reading the books waiting in my room.

Talk less, create more: (Well, I am a #hamiltrash) Make a list of projects that I want to create and do them! Do not hesitate. Do not be insecure. Be proud of what your hands can do!

Attend more local gigs of indie bands: I love my country’s culture and one thing which will show how much I appreciate the music scene in the Philippines is through attending their gigs. Thanks to a handful of my friends, I’ve felt the unexplainable feeling of being surrounded by people who are passionate about art which translates into melodies and lyrics and drum beats which made my heart and soul tremble with pride.

Know my priorities by putting my thesis as the number one priority in my life: If the deadline is near, the self shouldn’t go to a gig, shouldn’t read a novel, shouldn’t do any other stuff. However, if the deadline is still a month away, go and love life. Just remember to stop cramming because it gives you and the people around you panic attacks.


For now I will be posting once a week because I am still researching on the things that I can do for this little space J I hope you stay and come back for the next blog post! I wish you all a happy happy new year! <3 o:p="">